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By cheapestaut6836694, Oct 17 2017 01:00PM

Halloween spirit is upcoming and Oklahoma is on the go to offering interesting and delightful things in this season. With its fun and exciting activities available for youngsters and adult season goers, Oklahoma is sure to entice you to take a trip to these must see Halloween activities. Take a look at these hot picks:

Oklahoma City Haunted Houses

If you want a night of sheer terror, visit these houses sure to haunt you enough with the terror you want. There is the Terror on 10th Street, Trail of Terrors and Ultimate Terrors that shall give you the thrills of scary Halloween.

Oklahoma City Zoo

One of the top places to be visited is Oklahoma’s City Zoo. A lot of children are taken by their parents in here for a trick and treat fun while other fright filled activities like fantasy themed booths and Halloween photo sessions are also offered for the adults. Trick and treat booths, ghost train and a DJ are also featured at this “zoo haunting”.

Frontier City’s Frightfest

Talk about a frighting feast, Frontier city is sure to celebrate its own in a frightening but fun and exciting way. This celebration is known to be “family by day and fright by night” per creative organizers. You are sure to be awakened with its Frightfest starting on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. A trick and treat for the kids are always present, monsters, ghosts and haunted houses are all around to scare and cheer everyone with the much awaited celebration.

Pumpkinville at the Gardens

More than the trick and treats escapade for the youngsters, Pumpkinville located at the Myriad Botanical Gardens offers another way to envelope yourself with the Halloween feels. Starting early October up to the 21st, Pumpkinville is open at 10 am up to 5pm with its arts and crafts, games and storytelling to trick and treat you with Halloween season delights.

Haunt the River

Want a wet and slippery feel for Halloween? Haunt the River showers you with that!

Be on board on this exciting celebration with cocktails, appetizers, dancing and singing on spooky tunes for a new and refreshing way of scaring yourself to fun. The boarding begins at 7:45 for the exciting haunt.

Haunt the Harn

Set your foot at the territorial life of Oklahoma by haunting the Harn Homestead Museum this 26th of October. Hay rides, apple-bobbing, marshmallow-roasting and trick or treat are some of the things you can enjoy at this alloted day for your family, friends and love ones. All ages are welcome for this celebration!

Brick or Treat

Mark your calendars on the 24th of October for the Brick or Treat season! This kid centered activity allows youngsters under 14 years old to dress up to join and be merry at this tricky fun annual event. Aside from the eye catching costumes, photo sessions are everywhere and a pumpkin painting station is up to spike your artsy Halloween talent.