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Oh, Oklahoma! From rugged landscapes to scenic drives, Oklahoma is bursting with splendid natural creations every visitor must visit. These breathtaking beauties are scattered all over the state waiting for travellers to be amazed with its own splendors. And if you’re up for a more scenic and satisfying Oklahoma trip, you’ll never go wrong with our list of refreshing natural treats.

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Having a very extensive area of pristine lakes and marvelous rock formations, no wonder Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is a popular pick, not just for the humans, but also for the animals. Sheltering a crowd of fascinating creatures like prairie dogs, bobcats, longhorn cattle, bison herds and more, the 59,00 acres of beauty is definitively a gem to marvel at.

Turner Falls Park

Energizing waterfalls at 77 foot high, captivating caves, charming campsites— the Turner Falls Park features everything you need for a quick and fulfilling weekend getaway. The park has been a notable spot for locals wanting a nice dip, as well as an exhilarating hike along the mountains.

Chickasaw National Recreation Area

Another national park that shouldn’t be miss during your Oklahoma visit is the Chickasaw National Recreation Park. The place is filled with charms like springs, lush forests, wildlife and a lot more. Whether you are an adventurous backpacker or a laid-back wanderer, there’s something for you in this magnificent work of nature that is often called as the ‘Peaceful Valley of Rippling Waters’.

Bathtub Rocks of the Ozarks

Feed your soul with its serene beauty and massage your body with its calming waters, the Bathtub Rocks of the Ozarks seems to be an unspoiled getaway of the locals. This isn’t a very popular destination among the tourists, but once you lay your eyes in the place and experience its invigorating pools, you will completely lose yourself in utter relaxation that will make you visit the place often.

Talimena National Scenic Byway

A quick and scenic tranquillity from the hustle and bustle of city life, the Talimena National Scenic Byway truly live up to its name. This picturesque path has become one of the most visited roads during fall, where the changing of colors is breathtakingly magical. So, if you are looking for a captivating road trip with touches of nature, this one will hit you right in the feels.

Beavers Bend Resort Park

Beavers Bend Resort Park is all-in-one charm that gives you the luxury of nature madness— towering pine tress, clear waters, and green surroundings. The area is a must-visit destination for families. Offering comfortable lodging, as well as several recreational activities like hiking, fishing, boating, camping and more, for sure you and your kids will enjoy this once in a lifetime nature retreat.

Gloss Mountain State Park

For those with a heart for exhilarating adventure, Gloss Mountain State Park welcomes you with open arms. Featuring lofty terrains and panoramic views perfect for outdoor pursuits like hiking and climbing, the park remains to be a famous destination for nature lovers.

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The road can be very dangerous, and car accidents are inevitable. Dealing with road mishaps are seriously stressful, but these unlucky events can be eased up a bit by following some helpful road tips. Here are the important things to do after a car accident.

Stay Calm and Focused

Accidents are very unfortunate yet the very first thing you need to do is to stay calm and focused. Clear your thoughts and make sure everyone is safe. If the accident is minor, get to a safe place to avoid incoming traffic and shift into park, then turn off your vehicle. Don’t forget to turn on the hazard lights and make use of warning triangles, cones or flares for added advisory to other vehicles.

Ask for Help

If anyone from your passenger or a third party needs immediate medication, call the ambulance. Then, contact the police and insurance agent for direct assistance. Calling your insurer as soon as possible is very important so that they can access your policy beforehand and the process for claims will be easier.

Gather Needed Information

Everything should be taken account if you had an accident— the names, contact numbers, vehicles, etc. Gathering all the information after the accident will help you and the other party distinguish who is at fault, though this must also be with the help of the police and eyewitnesses.

1. Name of the drivers with their contact numbers and driver’s license, as well as all passengers and witnesses

2. Name of the police officers with badge number

3. Time and place of the accident

4. Number of vehicles involved, including the model, make, year, and license plate numbers

Take Photos, if safe to do so

Almost every driver has a phone with camera so it’s easier to get a photographic evidence of the accident. However, only take pictures of the accident scene if it’s safe and possible.

Never Sign any Document from Strangers

To avoid further mishaps, do not sign any document other than those from the police or your authorized insurance agent. There are a lot of opportunist who will take advantage of an accident, either to release himself from fault or benefit from your money. So, it is always advisable to trust only the authorities at hand and not other people.

File a Claim

Once everything is fine— the police already had noted the accident and the insurer gets a copy of all important details, you can now file a claim. You can even process the claim immediately after the accident, if it is minor. Your insurance agent must be able to provide you with available options for claim, starting with the repairs of the vehicle, the amount of liability, excess and the like. Filing a claim must be easy and fast, and if you want to make sure that you get a reliable claim, together with a cheaper insurance rate, then head on to Cheapest Auto Insurance.

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Are you ready for the yearly end-of-summer tradition in Oklahoma? The Oklahoma State Fair is definitely a highlight in the Oklahoman community and this year is something to look forward to! What’s not to love about this vibrant and fun gathering that brings families and friends together in one special event? Starting September 14 to September 24, enjoy a fun filled week loaded with exciting attractions and friendly competitions.


The Oklahoma State Fair has been in full glory for more than a century, and every year, more and more fascinating significant activities are kept in tradition. This annual celebration is not just about entertainment but rather a means of preserving the rich Oklahoman history despite of the changing society. With roots that can be traced back in 1907, which is also the same year where the place became a state, the first ever state fair was fairly modest in size and runs for only a couple of days. But the locals welcomed the initial state gathering warmly, and over the years it has become one of the most anticipated events of the state.

Modern Appreciation

The 20th century brings a lots of contemporary changes to the Oklahoma State Fair, but there’s still a great hint of respect and honor to the significant traditions of the event. Now, younger audience appreciate the ancient celebration and the historical roots of the Oklahoma state.

Attractions and Competitions

Each year bears a new chapter in the state fair tradition and culture, but there are certain attractions and competitions that have been for many years now. Some of the featured competitions include Arm Wrestling, Oklahoma Student Art Exhibition, Creative Art competition and so much more.

For this year, experience a magical encounter with your favorite Disney characters like Rapunzel, Ariel, Cinderella, and more Disney friends through the Disney on Ice Show “Follow Your Heart”. The auto show will also be back in action to surprise avid fans. If you want an exhilarating adventure with scary yet adorable creatures, then you’ll never go wrong with the live shark encounter. But if you have a faint heart, then the performing pet that will be having their debut this year would be a nice choice. For thrill seekers, enjoy the Sky Eye Wheel that provides scenic views of the entire place. Mellow down the adventure and head on to AGropolis that features live animals, demonstrations and exhibits around every corner or visit the Oklahoma Frontier Experience and Oklahoma Expo Hall that allow you to travel back time through interactive activities on set. Really, there’s so much to see and do once you get into the gates of the park.

Food and Drinks

But of course, a state fair would be so boring without some mouthwatering food and drinks. Well, you actually don’t have to worry because everything’s being taken care ofー from food stalls to souvenir shops. Just choose the food that fits your mood, whether a BBQ pork mac-n-cheese or a chocolate-dipped cookie dough on a stick. Come in hungry and leave happy. And to make everything more convenient and accessible, there’s a downloadable app that features all the bits of the Oklahoma State Fair.

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Why You Should Start Worrying Now these Earthquakes in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has been pummeled with series of earthquakes in less than 28 hours earlier this August followed by a couple more after the said incident, all of which ranging from magnitude 2 -5.

Although there are no serious damages reported, the said strings of earthquake had caused two power sub stations to shut down causing power outage to about 4,600 residents in northeast Edmond.

These Earthquakes in Oklahoma are said to be triggered by human activity and has noted a significant rise since 2009.

In this post, we’ll dig in a little deeper on why are these happening in Oklahoma and why you should get your hard-earned properties covered.

Earthquake Reports

The state of Oklahoma experienced a total of 623 earthquakes magnitude 3+ in 2016 with the strongest occurrence on September 3, 2016 at magnitude 5.8 in Pawnee, Oklahoma, as reported on Earthquakes in Oklahoma.

In 2010 alone, the earthquake reports have said to be only at 41 and skyrocketed to 623 after 6 years. That is a pretty huge leap.

Although, the state government of Oklahoma said that their stricter regulations on wastewater injection made these earthquakes less frequent and less intense as compared to last year.

But that won’t wipe out the fact that Oklahoma has been one of the most affected states in the U.S. for induced seismicity (more on this later) and has been on a close watch by the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Why Are These Earthquakes in Oklahoma Happening?

We all learned in our Science class that earthquakes are caused by tectonic movements in the Earth’s crust. Or in a less Science-ish words, it occurs when two blocks of the Earth slip suddenly past the other which sends seismic waves and causes the ground to shake.

For some places, it would usually take years (some even decades) before another earthquake would happen.

But in Oklahoma, reported earthquakes are felt multiple times in a month. It seems like a natural thing already for the Oklahomans.

And it’s definitely not nature whose wrecking havoc in this place.

These occurrences are mostly caused by induced seismicity which are human-triggered.

Now, what’s induced seismicity?

Glad that you asked. Induced seismicity is a fancy name for minor earthquakes caused by human activities that alters stresses and strains on the Earth’s crust.

One major human activity that causes “unnatural earthquakes” is the injection of unusable water into the Earth’s deepest well.

Although there are no major damages caused yet by these incidents for now, scholarly articles, on the other hand, have pointed out some alarming long term effects of seismicity activities like slope instability.

Well, ironic as it may sound, but it turns out that what keeps us safe from dangerous wastewater leads to another alarming occurrence.

In search of oil and gas development, oil industries cannot dispose its harmful waste fluid just everywhere. This contaminated water could seep into regular groundwater and harm the population.

So what they do instead is to bury this toxic fluid into deep wells that are way far below the Earth’s ground. In doing so, it creates tensions and fractures on rocks below which leads to the Earth’s surface to shake.

Underground wastewater comes from oil and gas industries that digs the earth for natural gases and oils. When clean clear water mixes with dirt, metal and other toxins during the extraction, this becomes the harmful waste fluid.

As to when will this wastewater injection would end, that has still been undetermined.

The so-called injection activity also has awakened Oklahoma’s old fault lines that went inactive long ago; making Oklahoma more vulnerable to earthquakes.

Continued wastewater disposal below the Earth and awakened old fault lines may explain well the significant rise of earthquakes in Oklahoma over the years.

Why you need a home insurance?

While the State of Oklahoma, with the help of the national government, has been doing their best to control and lessen the earthquake occurrences and damages, only time can tell on what would happen next.

And neither should you expect that these type of activities will be cut off soon.

If you’ve seen the importance of getting a car insurance, you should also see how a home insurance with an earthquake coverage can minimize your property loss.

Oklahoma has a long history with natural disasters like tornados and floods causing billions of dollars in damages. And with this string of earthquakes in Oklahoma that has been prevalent these days, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t let the premium prices deter you. You’ll never get back what you once have if you don’t get it covered first. Just think of it as a secure funding that could help you in times of troubles.

In looking for a good coverage, make sure that you take into consideration the amount that’ll cost you in rebuilding your house or replacing your damaged or destroyed belongings during fire, flood or earthquakes.

Losing a home, starting from scratch, is not an easy feat that anyone would want to undergo.

Getting an insurance may financially aid you should any unexpected occurrences would arise.

Scout online for good home insurance coverages and be well-prepared with these earthquakes in Oklahoma. It’s not much of a loss, you know, when you prepare yourself on what could happen in the future. It’s never a coward thing to do, but a smart way of saying you are matured enough to sort out your properties.

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The what’s, why’s and how’s of getting affordable car insurance in OKC

If you want to drive legally on the streets of Oklahoma City and not want to be charged when cops pull you over, you need auto insurance. A fine of up to $250 can be imposed for not having auto insurance.

Finding cheap insurance Oklahoma City can be difficult but not impossible. Based on your gender, Zip code, vehicle type, and other factors, the insurance may vary. Now you do not need to get an expensive coverage. Remember the magic figure of 25-50-25. As per Oklahoma City laws, minimum liability $25K is charged for any bodily injury per person in an accident; $50K is charged for all people injured per accident; $25K is charged for any property damage. These are the minimum liabilities.

There are lots of insurance companies which will help you get cheap insurance rates that fulfill as per Oklahoma City laws.

Now these may be adequate legally to allow you to drive on the road, but you should keep in mind that the accident victims may demand more. If you damage a sports car, the damage liabilities may easily exceed $25K. It is advised to make sufficient coverage so that you are not caught off guard. Now having the lowest insurance coverage is not advised in all cases.

However, if you have a very old car; or you don’t drive much, or if your car is not very valuable then opt for the minimum coverage.

To purchase the cheapest auto insurance, go for the minimum liability option. Avoid additional coverage; use your negotiating skills for a discount. Various discounts are available on the following: if you are insuring multiple vehicles you can get a good discount; your car is already equipped with safety features such as anti-theft mechanism, airbags, anti-lock brakes, you are qualified to get a good discount.

Compare your quotes from multiple insurance companies. Choose wisely. Drive Safe!