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Oh, Oklahoma! From rugged landscapes to scenic drives, Oklahoma is bursting with splendid natural creations every visitor must visit. These breathtaking beauties are scattered all over the state waiting for travellers to be amazed with its own splendors. And if you’re up for a more scenic and satisfying Oklahoma trip, you’ll never go wrong with our list of refreshing natural treats.

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Having a very extensive area of pristine lakes and marvelous rock formations, no wonder Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is a popular pick, not just for the humans, but also for the animals. Sheltering a crowd of fascinating creatures like prairie dogs, bobcats, longhorn cattle, bison herds and more, the 59,00 acres of beauty is definitively a gem to marvel at.

Turner Falls Park

Energizing waterfalls at 77 foot high, captivating caves, charming campsites— the Turner Falls Park features everything you need for a quick and fulfilling weekend getaway. The park has been a notable spot for locals wanting a nice dip, as well as an exhilarating hike along the mountains.

Chickasaw National Recreation Area

Another national park that shouldn’t be miss during your Oklahoma visit is the Chickasaw National Recreation Park. The place is filled with charms like springs, lush forests, wildlife and a lot more. Whether you are an adventurous backpacker or a laid-back wanderer, there’s something for you in this magnificent work of nature that is often called as the ‘Peaceful Valley of Rippling Waters’.

Bathtub Rocks of the Ozarks

Feed your soul with its serene beauty and massage your body with its calming waters, the Bathtub Rocks of the Ozarks seems to be an unspoiled getaway of the locals. This isn’t a very popular destination among the tourists, but once you lay your eyes in the place and experience its invigorating pools, you will completely lose yourself in utter relaxation that will make you visit the place often.

Talimena National Scenic Byway

A quick and scenic tranquillity from the hustle and bustle of city life, the Talimena National Scenic Byway truly live up to its name. This picturesque path has become one of the most visited roads during fall, where the changing of colors is breathtakingly magical. So, if you are looking for a captivating road trip with touches of nature, this one will hit you right in the feels.

Beavers Bend Resort Park

Beavers Bend Resort Park is all-in-one charm that gives you the luxury of nature madness— towering pine tress, clear waters, and green surroundings. The area is a must-visit destination for families. Offering comfortable lodging, as well as several recreational activities like hiking, fishing, boating, camping and more, for sure you and your kids will enjoy this once in a lifetime nature retreat.

Gloss Mountain State Park

For those with a heart for exhilarating adventure, Gloss Mountain State Park welcomes you with open arms. Featuring lofty terrains and panoramic views perfect for outdoor pursuits like hiking and climbing, the park remains to be a famous destination for nature lovers.

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The road can be very dangerous, and car accidents are inevitable. Dealing with road mishaps are seriously stressful, but these unlucky events can be eased up a bit by following some helpful road tips. Here are the important things to do after a car accident.

Stay Calm and Focused

Accidents are very unfortunate yet the very first thing you need to do is to stay calm and focused. Clear your thoughts and make sure everyone is safe. If the accident is minor, get to a safe place to avoid incoming traffic and shift into park, then turn off your vehicle. Don’t forget to turn on the hazard lights and make use of warning triangles, cones or flares for added advisory to other vehicles.

Ask for Help

If anyone from your passenger or a third party needs immediate medication, call the ambulance. Then, contact the police and insurance agent for direct assistance. Calling your insurer as soon as possible is very important so that they can access your policy beforehand and the process for claims will be easier.

Gather Needed Information

Everything should be taken account if you had an accident— the names, contact numbers, vehicles, etc. Gathering all the information after the accident will help you and the other party distinguish who is at fault, though this must also be with the help of the police and eyewitnesses.

1. Name of the drivers with their contact numbers and driver’s license, as well as all passengers and witnesses

2. Name of the police officers with badge number

3. Time and place of the accident

4. Number of vehicles involved, including the model, make, year, and license plate numbers

Take Photos, if safe to do so

Almost every driver has a phone with camera so it’s easier to get a photographic evidence of the accident. However, only take pictures of the accident scene if it’s safe and possible.

Never Sign any Document from Strangers

To avoid further mishaps, do not sign any document other than those from the police or your authorized insurance agent. There are a lot of opportunist who will take advantage of an accident, either to release himself from fault or benefit from your money. So, it is always advisable to trust only the authorities at hand and not other people.

File a Claim

Once everything is fine— the police already had noted the accident and the insurer gets a copy of all important details, you can now file a claim. You can even process the claim immediately after the accident, if it is minor. Your insurance agent must be able to provide you with available options for claim, starting with the repairs of the vehicle, the amount of liability, excess and the like. Filing a claim must be easy and fast, and if you want to make sure that you get a reliable claim, together with a cheaper insurance rate, then head on to Cheapest Auto Insurance.

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Halloween spirit is upcoming and Oklahoma is on the go to offering interesting and delightful things in this season. With its fun and exciting activities available for youngsters and adult season goers, Oklahoma is sure to entice you to take a trip to these must see Halloween activities. Take a look at these hot picks:

Oklahoma City Haunted Houses

If you want a night of sheer terror, visit these houses sure to haunt you enough with the terror you want. There is the Terror on 10th Street, Trail of Terrors and Ultimate Terrors that shall give you the thrills of scary Halloween.

Oklahoma City Zoo

One of the top places to be visited is Oklahoma’s City Zoo. A lot of children are taken by their parents in here for a trick and treat fun while other fright filled activities like fantasy themed booths and Halloween photo sessions are also offered for the adults. Trick and treat booths, ghost train and a DJ are also featured at this “zoo haunting”.

Frontier City’s Frightfest

Talk about a frighting feast, Frontier city is sure to celebrate its own in a frightening but fun and exciting way. This celebration is known to be “family by day and fright by night” per creative organizers. You are sure to be awakened with its Frightfest starting on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. A trick and treat for the kids are always present, monsters, ghosts and haunted houses are all around to scare and cheer everyone with the much awaited celebration.

Pumpkinville at the Gardens

More than the trick and treats escapade for the youngsters, Pumpkinville located at the Myriad Botanical Gardens offers another way to envelope yourself with the Halloween feels. Starting early October up to the 21st, Pumpkinville is open at 10 am up to 5pm with its arts and crafts, games and storytelling to trick and treat you with Halloween season delights.

Haunt the River

Want a wet and slippery feel for Halloween? Haunt the River showers you with that!

Be on board on this exciting celebration with cocktails, appetizers, dancing and singing on spooky tunes for a new and refreshing way of scaring yourself to fun. The boarding begins at 7:45 for the exciting haunt.

Haunt the Harn

Set your foot at the territorial life of Oklahoma by haunting the Harn Homestead Museum this 26th of October. Hay rides, apple-bobbing, marshmallow-roasting and trick or treat are some of the things you can enjoy at this alloted day for your family, friends and love ones. All ages are welcome for this celebration!

Brick or Treat

Mark your calendars on the 24th of October for the Brick or Treat season! This kid centered activity allows youngsters under 14 years old to dress up to join and be merry at this tricky fun annual event. Aside from the eye catching costumes, photo sessions are everywhere and a pumpkin painting station is up to spike your artsy Halloween talent.

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Several myths and misconceptions abound about buying car insurance that make some car owners hesitant about choosing a policy option that can suit their needs. Myths are not only misleading and confusing, but they also have the potential of costing you higher rates as a result of what you do not know or might overlook.

The truth is that the process insuring a car can be complicated and confusing at times, but believing in myths will prevent you from making the necessary plans to protect yourself and your car on the road. The easiest way to find the most affordable coverage or determine whether you can discard or preserve your existing policy is to be an informed consumer. Here are misleading misconceptions that you shouldn’t allow to get in your way.

Myth 1: Credit Score Has Nothing to Do with Auto Insurance

How often have you heard the claim that your auto insurance cannot be affected by your credit score? Contrary to what many believe, your credit record will affect your insurance premium like it affects other aspects of your life such as getting employed, purchasing a home or negotiating for lower insurance rates. Handle your money responsibly and always pay your bills timely to increase your credit rating. At Cheapest Auto Insurance we don't look at credit in case your credit isn't perfect. Get a quote with us today.

Myth 2: My Car’s Color Will Attract Higher Premium

The most common myth is that red colored cars need higher insurance. The truth is that no insurance company will use the color of your vehicle to determine how much premium you are going to be charged. What interest insurers usually include your driving record, the make and model of the car, year of manufacture and engine size. Color is a non-issue when you are negotiating for affordable rates.

Myth 3: Making a Claim Only After Paying From Your Own Pocket

Paying from your own pocket before resorting to processing a claim is not a compulsory requirement by the insurance companies. Whether you pay upfront or you don’t, filing a claim comes later. It is you to decide which is most convenient for your circumstances – getting your car repaired first or filing a claim and waiting. Online insurance companies have networked garages they partner with where you can take your car for repairs so that they directly settle the bill with the garage. But if you cannot find one, it is quicker to repair your car and claim reimbursement instead of waiting. This is not a rule engraved in stone. But please consult with your insurance agent first before deciding.

Myth 4: Purchasing Car Insurance is a Bothersome Process

In this digital era of internet marketing, nothing is as simple as purchasing insurance coverage online. Getting an instant quote of what the premium may cost you involves giving some basic information about your car by submitting a form, and by following simple steps, you can have a policy in place in no time. Here at Cheapest Auto Insurance we can do everything over the phone and internet for complete convenience. Get a quote today at not cost.

Myth 5: Smaller Cars Cost Less to Insure

Do not assume that if you have a small car, your insurance rate will be less than what the owners of juggernauts and SUVs pay. If you factor in things like susceptibility to damage, the safety features, and the probability of protecting your passengers and yourself when an accident occurs, you can see why you are likely to be charged more than someone with a mid-size SUV. Something else the companies do is to investigate the claim history of the car model and type by checking the losses and claims such a vehicle has incurred.

Myth 6: Every Vehicle Gets Full Coverage

Although the term “full coverage” is frequently used by many insurance companies, in practice nothing like that exists. In its applicable sense, full coverage would entail protection against every imaginable calamity or liability. Apart from comprehensive insurance, collisions and liabilities, other things like car rentals and assistance on the road should be included. Before you sign any agreement, find out what is really covered by the policy. The process of getting comprehensive cover may be tricky, but if the insurer is willing to answer all your questions honestly, it should not be all that daunting.

Myth 7: The Amount of Claim You Get After a Crash Can Buy a New Car

Such a belief is contrary to the insurance principle of indemnity which dictates the claim amount. What the insurance companies do only enables you to revert to the pre-accident/damage position. Your condition is not made financially better because the value of your loss is calculated against the depreciation of your present car. That also applies to its market value. Always check with your agent so you know in advance before a claim happens what there policies are in the event of a claim.

Myth 8: The Existing Policy Automatically Covers a New Car

This assumption is a big blunder because you might end up driving a vehicle with no insurance coverage. The moment you purchase a new car, you should immediately let your insurer know so that the policy in place can be transferred to cover the new car.

Myth 9: Age Does Not Determine the Premium Amount

As we discussed elsewhere in this series, a person’s age plays a critical role in determining the premium rate. Younger drivers, males in particular, are known to cause disproportionately more accidents and crashes than any other age group. Senior citizens are also considered a high-risk lot. Young male drivers below 25 years attract higher premiums.

Myth 10: Insurance Policies are Not Transferable

f you drive carefully and handle your car well such that the policy matures/ends without you making any claim, the insurance company will reward you with a No Claim Bonus. You can become eligible for the discount if for the entire duration of your policy, you have not filed any claim. The amount is quite substantial and that is why many people fear they will lose their No Claim Bonus if they move from one company to another. The real fact is that your bonus migrates with you most of the time. However, in some cases it needs filing 90 days before your old insurance expires, and that means you need to renew it early in that case.

These are not the only myths. What more can you add? Whatever you think, car insurance is the only safeguard you have against losses and damages you can incur while driving. Feel free to leave your comments below.

Need an affordable auto insurance policy or a free consultation? Get a quote right now at aautoandhomeinsurance.com

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Although the hectic summer is gone and the cooler weather is here with us, this is not the right time to turn a blind eye on your lawn, garden or yard. The best recreation for quality living that you can cheaply and enjoyably afford this season is to spend peaceful moments caring for your yard and garden. It is not too late to begin cultivating some of your favorite flowers and vegetables.

You have probably already stowed away the gardening tools without paying a second thought to the fantastic fall gardening ideas that you can put into practice now. Whatever might be holding you back; there is still time to prepare for anything you wish to grow, whether flowers, greens and vegetables, it is not too late to start. Here are tips to help you identify the kind of tasks you can productively tackle during this period of mellowness.

Grow Container Plants

Maybe you do not have enough space for gardening, or you think that if you start now, the coming winter will wreak havoc on your plants. That is no reason to sit back, lack of space notwithstanding. If you think of container gardening, you definitely will see the sense of starting now.

The immediate advantage of growing plants in a container is the cost of hiring landscaping experts that automatically drops from your priority list. Not being able to afford landscape architects should not prevent you from planting exquisite container gardens. Some of the plants you can productively and easily grow this fall are kales, cabbages, pansies and chrysanthemums.

In many places, kale and cabbage are resistant and tough crops for the cool season because they can live through mild frosts. Likewise, you can enjoy a splurge of color from pansies and other perennial plants. Although spring is the best time for pansies, they have the stamina to brave the cold during fall.

Planting Perennials

You can have a garden of perennial up to just a few days before the frost takes over the ground. If you have them in containers, instead of changing them every season, you can take them out to the garden. One container can have a combination of plants such as purple chrysanthemum, ornamental pepper, and ornamental grass. And if you have enough light indoors, a plant like ornamental pepper can be relocated inside until the following season.

Here are other perennials you can plant.

1. The Blue Mist Shrub

2. Japanese anemones

3. Balloon flower

4. Joe Pye Weed

5. Michaelmas daisy

6. New York daisy

7. Golden rod

8. Russian Sage

9. Balloon flower

And many more I haven’t mentioned here. To add to the character of fall as a season of color, you can prepare a profusion of fall plants with a combination of gold, scarlet, deep purples and whites to give your garden the magical look.

Things to Consider for a Fall Garden

One thing you must never do is starting your garden project late. You need to establish and plant them early in the season for them to be hardy in the garden. Although most of them come into bloom late, they grow spectacularly if they have taken all season in the garden.

When you are selecting what to plant, go for late bloomers that will give you a splash of color before the frost wipes them away. And since most of the plants grow leaves during the entire summer, they can be leggy and quite tall. To ensure you get a fantastic display in fall, you can stake the plants while they are growing because they are often heavy on the top. Do the staking early in the season because once they are bent over, the task of straitening them will be impossible.

Another thing you can do is to prune them periodically to make them self-supporting and stockier. To enable them to set more buds by branching out, start shortening them when they are 6-8 inches in height. Pruning them also delays the blooming period. To give them more strength, plant the fall bloomers at the back of a hedge or border so that you can let them grow as tall as they want. They will be supported by the plants in front of them which will also disguise them until it is their turn to bloom in splash of color.

Points to Remember

If you want to plant vegetables in your fall garden, you should be able to accurately predict/know when your zone/area is first hit by the frost. Knowing this is essential because you will guess the number of days you have for the crops of the cool season to mature. They often need about 40-50 days.

To be ready for the fall gardening, you will probably have to remove or tear away some of the summer plants so that you can create room for the planting season in fall. Your straggling cucumbers, melons, tomatoes and pepper will have to go. Also remember to upgrade your soil with composed because after the summer growth, the nutrients in the soil are depleted. And lastly, you will not start a vegetable seed nursery in your house or indoors. Your best bet will be to directly sow them in the soil. You can find more information about gardening in the fall from your local expert. I hope this was helpful and now you can look forward to a rewarding time in your garden instead of lying on the couch the entire fall and winter.