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This is our FAQ/Blog page about how to save money on car insurance, other auto topics, and informative articles about Oklahoma City and Oklahoma.

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Shopping for cheap auto insurance isn’t the easiest task. Your auto insurance agent can help you compare rates and get you the best deals. The entire process of choosing the best and most affordable car insurance plan for you is kicked off by asking if you want both liability and full coverage car insurance.

Almost all 50 states require motorists by law to carry some form of liability coverage. Liability coverage is what pays for physical and medical damage to others if you are at fault for an accident. The amount of liability insurance you have to carry varies by state but since you are personally financially responsible for anything the insurance doesn’t cover it might be in your best interest to get the best liability coverage you can afford. Remember, liability pays for the damages to the other party in the event you cause an accident. In most states you cannot renew your license without proof of insurance and there are steep fines if you cause an accident and do not carry liability insurance.

Many people are tempted to only take out the minimum insurance necessary by law and just hope for the best. It makes sense, no one wants to pay extra insurance premiums if they don’t really have to. But what would happen if you got into an accident that was your fault and you only carried liability insurance? Your own medical costs and damages to your car would not be covered, at all. The burden would be 100% your own responsibility. While your health insurance might cover your medical expenses, most people in American can’t get by without a car. If you car is totalled or badly damaged, could you afford to repair or replace it out of pocket? If the answer is no then you need to look at full coverage.

Full coverage, as a term, is a bit misleading, it doesn’t cover everything 100% but depending on your policy it can remove most of the risk. You can choose to only get a collision insurance policy (which pays for damage caused in a crash) or you can get comprehensive coverage that also covers damage that results from the weather, theft or vandalism.

Again, there are different levels of coverage and your insurance agent can help you choose an affordable rate that also covers your needs.

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Whether it’s your first time having a car or first time driving your family’s most treasured vehicle, it’s very important to know the ins and outs of the insurance industry. Don’t act naïve because that’s when opportunists take advantage of your innocence. Learn the basics and essential ideas before getting an auto insurance.

State’s Auto Insurance Minimums

First and foremost, every state has different auto insurance minimums, by which you should follow religiously, or else you’ll face some disappointing consequences. The insurance rates largely differ in different places, but could also vary in different companies in the same state. Accordingly, it’s not always true to have the minimal auto insurance because the coverage might not meet your own standards. With that, you should gather different insurance quotes from different companies, and find the best that will give you the best benefit at a cheaper cost.

The Coverage You Actually Need

As every state requires different auto insurance minimums, every person has also different takes when it comes to having a car insurance. If you think you can save lots of money by getting only the bare minimum or acquire the biggest benefit by getting the maximum, better think twice as these two are not really financially smart ideas. Why? You should be practical in knowing the coverage that you actually need, and some of the questions that you must answer beforehand are: Where do you drive? Do you drive that often or seldom only? Do you still lease your car? Do you allow other family members drive your car? Once you answer these questions, you can distinguish how much coverage you will really need.

Kinds of Insurance Coverage

There are different kinds of insurance coverage that seem to be the same, but in fact they’re not. So, it’s advisable to know what each coverage means and what they cover for you to maximize the cost and benefit of your insurance. The main type of coverage is the liability coverage that refers to the protection of bodily injuries or auto damages to third parties. This coverage is the one required by your state, by which every driver must follow.

There’s also the collision insurance, an optional coverage that pays the cost for repairs and replacement of damages caused by accident that includes another vehicle, or even trees or guardrail. Other companies also offer comprehensive coverage, sometimes called as ‘other than collision’ coverage. This coverage pays for damages caused by natural disasters like flood, earthquake, fire and losses other than caused by vehicular accidents.

Company Reputation and more

Get the most of out of your auto insurance from a reputable company. It will be difficult to choose easily considering the tight competition in the market, but there are important features that will help you select the right one. The company’s track record, is by far, one of the most significant aspects to consider. Even if they give you the cheapest rates, but their customer service, particularly in the claims department, is a downer, the company as a whole is not good. Ask questions, questions, and questions. You might even get a discount because of your interrogation skills!

If you’re still on the hunt for a cheap yet quality insurer, head on to Cheap Auto Insurance and request for a quote that fits your standards!

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If you’re taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, then a road trip to any of Oklahoma’s routes is a great way to solve your problem. The state offers a lot of fascinating road trips because of its diverse terrain. From the Little Sahara Park in the northwest, passing through the Oklahoma City in the center, then down to the Talimena Scenic Drive in the southeast, you’ll surely appreciate the beauty of Oklahoma even more! Check out some of the most spectacular road trips in Oklahoma that you should try at least once in your life.

Waterfalls Chasing

Oklahoma City takes pride, not just with its booming metropolitan, but also its natural marvels. Yes, we’re talking about nature surrounding the city. Start your waterfalls chasing from the city then take a stop to Pauls Valley, then to Chickasaw Recreational Area. After, take the route going to Medicine Park and Wichita Mountains Wild Refuge and lastly, to El Reno. All throughout the trip, you will witness five breathtaking waterfalls like Little Niagara Falls and Turner Falls.

Nature Adventure

Another great escape from the frantic urban living is by heading to a fantastic nature adventure. In Oklahoma, you will not be disappointed with the abundance of nature grandeur. Begin your road trip in Great Salt Plains State Park, then make your way to Little Sahara and Gloss Mountain. Continue your trip to Roman Nose State Park Lodge, following the route going to Red Canyon and Quartz Mountain. And if you’re up for more nature treats, explore Arbuckle Mountains and Lake Murray. This road trip will last for at least 10 hours— long but fulfilling!

Eerie Escapade

In 2 to 3 hours time, you can satisfy your hunger for some eerie escapades. The northeastern portion of Oklahoma welcomes the brave souls to take and explore some of its old, abandoned towns with interesting and haunted pasts. First stop for your ghost town adventure will be at Ralston. After, visit Blackburn then Skedee. Next in line are Ingalls and Avery. And to complete your spooky road trip, don’t forget Shamrock.

Small Towns Trip

Of course, there are countless of tiny yet adorable towns in Oklahoma that are worth the visit. This road venture will definitely be a trip of a lifetime because you will uncover the beauty and charm of Oklahoma. Small towns are considered as the heart and soul of the state, and it’s just fitting to visit at least a couple of them. You will be amazed with the changing scenery, from one town to the other. Each place exudes a unique ambiance and underlying character, which can be best experienced if you visit it personally. Get started with your small towns trip at Bernice, down to Tahlequan, passing Fort Gibson and Broken Bow. Proceed with your exploration in Toshimingo, then Sulphur and Chickasha. End your tiring but satisfying road trip at Medicine Park.

By cheapestaut6836694, Sep 15 2017 07:45AM

Although the hectic summer is gone and the cooler weather is here with us, this is not the right time to turn a blind eye on your lawn, garden or yard. The best recreation for quality living that you can cheaply and enjoyably afford this season is to spend peaceful moments caring for your yard and garden. It is not too late to begin cultivating some of your favorite flowers and vegetables.

You have probably already stowed away the gardening tools without paying a second thought to the fantastic fall gardening ideas that you can put into practice now. Whatever might be holding you back; there is still time to prepare for anything you wish to grow, whether flowers, greens and vegetables, it is not too late to start. Here are tips to help you identify the kind of tasks you can productively tackle during this period of mellowness.

Grow Container Plants

Maybe you do not have enough space for gardening, or you think that if you start now, the coming winter will wreak havoc on your plants. That is no reason to sit back, lack of space notwithstanding. If you think of container gardening, you definitely will see the sense of starting now.

The immediate advantage of growing plants in a container is the cost of hiring landscaping experts that automatically drops from your priority list. Not being able to afford landscape architects should not prevent you from planting exquisite container gardens. Some of the plants you can productively and easily grow this fall are kales, cabbages, pansies and chrysanthemums.

In many places, kale and cabbage are resistant and tough crops for the cool season because they can live through mild frosts. Likewise, you can enjoy a splurge of color from pansies and other perennial plants. Although spring is the best time for pansies, they have the stamina to brave the cold during fall.

Planting Perennials

You can have a garden of perennial up to just a few days before the frost takes over the ground. If you have them in containers, instead of changing them every season, you can take them out to the garden. One container can have a combination of plants such as purple chrysanthemum, ornamental pepper, and ornamental grass. And if you have enough light indoors, a plant like ornamental pepper can be relocated inside until the following season.

Here are other perennials you can plant.

1. The Blue Mist Shrub

2. Japanese anemones

3. Balloon flower

4. Joe Pye Weed

5. Michaelmas daisy

6. New York daisy

7. Golden rod

8. Russian Sage

9. Balloon flower

And many more I haven’t mentioned here. To add to the character of fall as a season of color, you can prepare a profusion of fall plants with a combination of gold, scarlet, deep purples and whites to give your garden the magical look.

Things to Consider for a Fall Garden

One thing you must never do is starting your garden project late. You need to establish and plant them early in the season for them to be hardy in the garden. Although most of them come into bloom late, they grow spectacularly if they have taken all season in the garden.

When you are selecting what to plant, go for late bloomers that will give you a splash of color before the frost wipes them away. And since most of the plants grow leaves during the entire summer, they can be leggy and quite tall. To ensure you get a fantastic display in fall, you can stake the plants while they are growing because they are often heavy on the top. Do the staking early in the season because once they are bent over, the task of straitening them will be impossible.

Another thing you can do is to prune them periodically to make them self-supporting and stockier. To enable them to set more buds by branching out, start shortening them when they are 6-8 inches in height. Pruning them also delays the blooming period. To give them more strength, plant the fall bloomers at the back of a hedge or border so that you can let them grow as tall as they want. They will be supported by the plants in front of them which will also disguise them until it is their turn to bloom in splash of color.

Points to Remember

If you want to plant vegetables in your fall garden, you should be able to accurately predict/know when your zone/area is first hit by the frost. Knowing this is essential because you will guess the number of days you have for the crops of the cool season to mature. They often need about 40-50 days.

To be ready for the fall gardening, you will probably have to remove or tear away some of the summer plants so that you can create room for the planting season in fall. Your straggling cucumbers, melons, tomatoes and pepper will have to go. Also remember to upgrade your soil with composed because after the summer growth, the nutrients in the soil are depleted. And lastly, you will not start a vegetable seed nursery in your house or indoors. Your best bet will be to directly sow them in the soil. You can find more information about gardening in the fall from your local expert. I hope this was helpful and now you can look forward to a rewarding time in your garden instead of lying on the couch the entire fall and winter.

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Some extra attention is much needed in winter for maintaining your vehicle so that it can survive in such adverse conditions. The low atmospheric temperature and pressure exert their impact on your vehicle and to resist these effects you need to provide something extra for the vehicle.

Some tips and tricks that you can use in order to make your vehicle survive this winter without taking any

serious damage can be;

Try to keeping fuel tank to full:

If you have left your vehicle's fuel tank empty or barely filled, then chances are that the moisture present inside the tank is frozen. Due to the low temperature, the water gas present inside the tank freezes, choking your engine and the fuel injection system. Recovering from such a situation can be really tough on your pocket. As the solution to such a problem required a full operation of the fuel injection system. Opening it and removing the frozen parts requires a ton of investment. Using proper and high rating fuel is also one to the solutions. These high-quality fuels have a tendency to reduce to amount of moisture present inside the fuel tank. Filling the tank up to the top or al least till the half way is the best way of avoiding this problem. If more of the volume in filled with the fuel, the moisture would not be generated. As the freezing point of the fuel is much lower than that of the water, the fuel present in the tank doesn't freeze.

Keep updating the Oils:

Using the right oils is very much important. A multi-grade viscous engine oil will evaporate less when heated. Using such oils can be beneficial for the engine fo your vehicle. A highly viscous oil will help in the smooth startup of the engine, even in the cold weather. With the evolving oil technology, same oil can be used in all seasons, whether it is freezing cold or blazing hot. A muli-grade oil can save your engine from many minor as well as major faults and make your driving experience smoother.

Check the Batteries:

Not only the engine but your batteries also suffer from cold. The rate of reactions happening inside the battery for generating the electronic charge. The reactions can get imbalanced due to the outside temperature. Checking on the battery conditions regularly can help you save it in time. The abnormal temperature can cause indifferent reactions and may lead to corrosion and tank meeting, exposing the acid to the outside in the vehicle. Hence, damaging the interior badly.

Change the wipers and cleaning fluids:

All those snow storms and whirlwinds in winters make it difficult to see properly. You would need good synthetic cleaning fluids here. The precipitation is also at its peak in this time of the year and it decreases the visibility even more. Changing the wipers to suit your travel is a must. Try using the harder and more appropriate wiper blades, that can support you in such situations. For getting the best results from your latest wiper blades, you would need the latest cleaning fluid in your vehicle. So, make sure that you attend to all the needs before going out there in the white.